Why is life so confusing?

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The home in Rancho Santa Fe where I teach private chess lessons to four children is gated. Not once, though. Not even twice. Three gates!

It takes me 30 minutes to drive to Rancho Santa Fe and then another 30 minutes to get approved three times. The first gate is to the subdivision, the second gate is to a neighborhood within the subdivision, and the third gate is to the property.

Virtually everything in Rancho Santa Fe is gated since only millionaires and billionaires live there. Why do people live in isolation like that? I mean, how do the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Mormon Missionary Boys get there to knock on your door? Oh, yea. They don’t. Now I understand.

One of the subdivisions which I pass each week has some beautiful garden sculptures welcoming you to the subdivision. Or maybe they are simply welcoming you to the gate to…

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