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Long one of my favorite unclassifiable bands, Mahogany are art and music school graduates who bring a subtle and sophisticated and brainy approach to their music. Some call it dream pop but that pleasing genre, usually heavy on mutli-track vocals and shoe-gaze like over dubbing of guitars is not quite as sophisticated. Mahogany actually had three or four guitars, a cello, vocalists, pianos, melodicas, sequencers, synthesizers, samplers, tape, multi-percussionists, and other instruments. Mahogany also use film, video, animation, cinema, graphic design, photography, typography and other realization and rendering techniques for a cumulative effect that the band refers to as the “Hypercube”., etc.

They have been mostly silent since 2006’s “Connectivity” but have recently reformed. “The band announced their signing to BLVD Records on September 27, 2011, and noted that an upcoming EP would be titledElectric Prisms. Later interviews noted that the band’s long-awaited third album would be titled Frontiering.”


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