Glass Fusing Workshop – 24/05/2014

Transparent Glass Studio

Advanced Glass Fusing Workshop on the 24th May 2014

Glass designer & maker Paul Floyd will lead afternoon sessions on glass fusing. The advanced workshop will allow you to explore the techniques of fused glass as a creative medium.  Within the workshop you will build on your skills with cutting glass to a pattern and working with coloured sheet glass, frits and powders.

You will create an original piece of glasswork and can make either a panel or a medium-sized round/square bowl 20cm diameter.  Only 4 people per workshop for maximum individual attention.

  • Date: Saturday 24th May 2014
  • Time: 1:30pm till 5:30pm
  • Costs: £45 (includes all materials and fusing)
  • Venue: Transparent Glass Studio, Ruskin Glass Centre, Wollaston Road, Stourbridge, DY8 4HE

Please note: These advanced workshops are for people who have previously attended the taster workshop or have previous experience in glass fusing and would like to further explore fused glass as a creative medium.

For more information…

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Justin Gibbens

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Washington State illustrator Justin Gibbens combines a knack for Chinese painting techniques with the learned art of scientific and zoological illustration.

A master draftsman, Justin Gibbens was trained in both scientific illustration and traditional Chinese painting-a skill set that he employs in his zoological drawings. Gibbens’ stylized and embellished beasts speak of evolution, mutation and biodiversity, and perhaps serve as cautionary tales and stand-ins for our anthropocentric selves. By lifting the formal conventions of classic natural science illustration, Gibbens imagines legendary and diabolical beasts through the lens of a 19th century field artist.

“Field guides, natural history museums and David Attenborough documentaries are also good. The health of our natural environments is a profound concern of mine, though I’m not interested in making any overt, didactic statements about it through my work, I’m mostly concerned with celebrating nature in all it’s weirdness and wonder and depicting pageantry that abounds.”


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Cat and Bird Painting – Video – From inspiration to finished painting

My Artist Diary

Luna and Ghost, Oil on Canvas, March 2014 Luna and Ghost, Oil on Canvas, March 2014

I’ve finished another square painting this year featuring my animals. Luna is my 1 year old cat and Ghost is my parakeet. I’m not sure how old Ghost is – he flew into my life about 2 years ago.

At the end of each painting I like to make a video of the process and share it on my blog. It’s a nice reference for me – and I hope it might inspire other painters out there – plus it’s just interesting to see the creative process in fast forward. All in all I worked on this painting for about a month and spent around 20 hours… There are prints available online – and of corse the original is for sale!

This image will also be the feature image in my upcoming April desktop calendar series. I hope you get as much…

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New Music | Mahogany

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Long one of my favorite unclassifiable bands, Mahogany are art and music school graduates who bring a subtle and sophisticated and brainy approach to their music. Some call it dream pop but that pleasing genre, usually heavy on mutli-track vocals and shoe-gaze like over dubbing of guitars is not quite as sophisticated. Mahogany actually had three or four guitars, a cello, vocalists, pianos, melodicas, sequencers, synthesizers, samplers, tape, multi-percussionists, and other instruments. Mahogany also use film, video, animation, cinema, graphic design, photography, typography and other realization and rendering techniques for a cumulative effect that the band refers to as the “Hypercube”., etc.

They have been mostly silent since 2006’s “Connectivity” but have recently reformed. “The band announced their signing to BLVD Records on September 27, 2011, and noted that an upcoming EP would be titledElectric Prisms. Later interviews noted that the band’s long-awaited third album would be titled Frontiering.”


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Faces of Afghanistan

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Photographer Muhammed Muheisen, who works for the Associated Press, recently was awarded Time magazine’s Best Wire Photographer Of 2013 award. Muheisen spent 3 years photographing the lives of Afghans who live in sprawling refugee camps in neighbouring Pakistan.

In a recent interview he said

“For me all of the children in this series have a special place in my heart because through them I learned how to appreciate what I have. I am always amazed how the Afghan refugee children enjoy their time with nothing. They create elaborate games with no money and they are so creative. I wanted to show the outside world what I see every time I meet these children, their stunning eyes and their tough life standing together in front of my lens. ”


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